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Fort Worth, TX

Psychophysiology provides us tools like biofeedback, mindfulness, hypnosis, and insight into the power of self-compassion. Here you'll find more detailed information about each of these, as well as ways to connect.

Blog by Wayne Martin, LCSW, in Fort Worth, TX

Hack Problems With Your Meditation Practice 1.0

Wayne Martin

Are You Distracted By Distracting Distractions?

So many things can derail a well-intentioned meditation practice! You start off with great plans: “I’m going to practice meditation for 30 minutes per day” (or you can substitute some other healthy habit). Sounds great, right? Of course it does, because you’re launching yourself into a healthier way of living your life. And just think of all the benefits that will come from this practice: reduced stress, increased clarity of mind, improved focus, greater health, stronger motivation, and so on.

And then, surprisingly quickly, you find yourself derailed. Your practice is completely off track because:

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The Beginning of a Smile

Wayne Martin

Your Very First Smile

Did you know that before you were even born you practiced the art of smiling? It’s true: the smile reflex begins in the womb and lasts until you’re about two months old. From then on, the smiles on your face are in response to things that make you happy. Those early smiles prepared you to communicate with your parents and helped you win their affection and attention. In short, smiles helped you get what you wanted in this world …

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Blog Post: Meditation, Focus, and Cute Little Puppies

Wayne Martin

Do you ever feel like your mind is a lot like Billy from the Family Circus? You plan to go from A  straight to B, and then “Squirrel!” Without even realizing it, you’re way off track.

Many people find a wandering mind to be incredibly frustrating as they try to meditate (or do just about anything else). Once you learn how to manage mind-wandering, meditation practice is more enjoyable and productive. So let’s look at what causes the mind to wander and what to do about it.

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