From Surviving to Thriving - Self-regulation provides us with important survival skills. Breathing, intuition, clear thought - these all help us survive through a tough situation at home, stress at work, physical illness, or pain. But survival is only half of the journey.

Wayne Martin, LCSW Psychophysiologist

The real trick is to thrive through the difficult times. To maintain your perspective, to master your own physiology, to intuit the healthy way forward - now you're thriving.

A Coach - I love using my expertise to help motivated clients solve problems like stress, insomnia, and pain. We work together in my convenient Fort Worth office to understand how things need to improve for you, and put together a game-plan. Next we begin the nuts and bolts work, and you put your new perspectives and skills to work in your very real life. Each session we discuss how things went and then strengthen your abilities further. When we complete our work together, it's my privilege to watch you go forth ready to conquer.

I employ natural methods (from ancient to high-tech) to help people self-regulate their emotions, their physiology, and thinking - in order to solve problems. We might use:

  • Biofeedback allows you to see your physiology in the moment, like observing a part of yourself in a high-tech mirror.
  • Meditation can help you find your balance in deep and sustaining ways.
  • Hypnosis can empower you to make remarkable leaps forward in your journey.
  • Psychotherapy can help you grow into your possibilities.