I am a Psychophysiologist in Fort Worth, TX, where I specialize in helping people untangle difficult problems using strategies both ancient and modern. Together we can tackle your most pressing concerns and find solutions which really work for you. I have expertise in helping people with problems like stress, insomnia, and pain.

Wayne Martin Biofeedback Sleep Therapy Fort Worth

Depending on your particular needs, I might help you learn biofeedback, self-hypnosis, meditation, ways to improve sleep naturally, or metacognitive strategies (where you thoughtfully think about your own thinking - fun, huh?).

When your ability to self-regulate using these tools grows into instinct, then you can count on it to keep you safer and healthier - in spite of the serious challenges you face. This growth process also happens to be enormously good fun!

I  consult with clients at a convenient office in Fort Worth. Please contact me for a free phone consultation if you have some interest in working together.