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Fort Worth, TX

Psychophysiology provides us tools like biofeedback, mindfulness, hypnosis, and insight into the power of self-compassion. Here you'll find more detailed information about each of these, as well as ways to connect.


Biographical information on Wayne Martin, LCSW, Psychophysiologist and expert in biofeedback, mindfulness, clinical hypnosis, mindful self-compassion, psychotherapy.

WayneMartinLCSW Fort Worth, TX


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I am a Psychophysiologist in Fort Worth, TX, where I specialize in helping people untangle difficult problems using strategies both ancient and modern. Together we can tackle your most pressing concerns and find solutions which really work for you. I have expertise in helping people with problems like stress, insomnia, and pain.

Depending on your particular needs, I might help you learn biofeedback, self-hypnosis, meditation, ways to improve sleep naturally, or metacognitive strategies (where you thoughtfully think about your own thinking - fun, huh?).

When your ability to self-regulate using these tools grows into instinct, then you can count on it to keep you safer and healthier - in spite of the serious challenges you face. This growth process also happens to be enormously good fun!

I  consult with clients at a convenient office in Fort Worth. Please contact me for a free phone consultation if you have some interest in working together.

The alternate bio

 Big Bend Morning

(Did you notice the unintentional shadow self-portrait in the photograph above?)

Truly effective self-regulation requires a sense of humble perspective. The morning the picture above was taken, the moment was so completely captivating - the quality of the light, the smell the breakfast my camping buddies were cooking, puffs of breath in the cold air, and the improbable life bursting forth in the desert in Big Bend National Park - that the shadow of myself in the foreground went quite unnoticed.

Fully in the moment, and simultaneously a broader perspective regained; that's a kind of mindfulness.  The moment captured in the photo somehow takes me to that simple space.

I have the honor of guiding clients through hard times and into newfound abilities; from simply surviving into truly thriving. I help you move from stress and tension into those moments of mindfulness. I help you navigate through the obstacles to achieve your goals. Let me know if you'd like me to serve as a guide.

Wayne Martin, LCSW

(817) 456-3489   1751 River Run, suite 200, Fort Worth, TX 76107